Keto or no keto

Keto or No Keto??

Keto: a new diet, a new trend, IN just for the year until someone or a doctor create a new one.

I called it the Fat diet, is cheese, bacon and all the dark meats and heavy everything but No carbs oh NO you will ruined it, and get “fat”

But, I questioned myself, if my arteries can’t accept anymore dark meats , butter and cheeses, I don’t have heart disease but perhaps in the long run, in the unstoppable future I will obtain the “Mamacita “ look but with high cholesterol and heart disease, but is okay, as long as I get second looks!!😉

oh Dear, I, like you and everyone else in this beautiful Earth had tried one diet in their lifetime ( or many more)

I came to a conclusion after trying to live in this diet life, to make Peace with my food to eat and drink in moderation everything, to make love to my mouth 👄.

The outcome is frightening!, I am looking better than ever my skin is glowing and I am running my early morning’s 5 miles and smiling with sensuality and charm.

I realized is all in the proportion of your meal.

Humbly, perhaps we agree.

call Rossana,


Rossana Radden