I am spending time selecting my fresh produce at farmers markets and at organic certified establishments, cooking my meals with quality oils and then packaging in PLASTIC, WHY!!?? … Well, I don’t have the time, is convenient, we are in USE and THROW society , is easy!! And I can’t be washing the glass containers !!

Well you are wasting your time, you are absolutely right!! All your time wasted because all the nutrients are contaminated when you packed your organic meals in These plastic containers containing BPA ( bisphenol-A), BPS. BPA and phthalates may leak into the food and when you microwave the meals in your convenient containers.

Any chemical migration is likely to be greater with fatty foods such as meats and cheeses than with other foods.

Please when you microwave do not burn your food and the containers !!

But then at the end, one more chemical ingested, might not make it worst isn’t, but the thing is our children,! our environment,! I know you heard this so many times, we became immune and disturbed by environmentalists and people like me! But our oceans 🌊 our forest 🌳 are suffering our PACHAMAMA is screaming HELP!

Please stop this Consumption addiction we as society have!! This BUY - USE- THROW

I hope Greta Thunberg’s message doesn’t apply to you, Let’s change!! It is start with ME, what about YOU?!❤️

Rossana Radden