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eat well, live well

Chef Rossana Radden has been creating personalized Meal and Diet Plans for over 21 years, always prepared with the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients, and directly delivered to your door. Rossana’s Kitchen delivers nutrient dense meals made with locally sourced organic farm fresh ingredients. Rossana aims to empower a lifestyle choice to eat healthy by serving her clients with superfood-packed alternatives to classic comfort food. Our ingredients are always fresh, locally grown when possible, and never frozen, canned, or pre-prepared. Our produce is hand-selected daily from the local area Farmer’s Market. Our Chicken Breasts, Turkey Breasts, and Beef Roasts are provided by the same triple-A suppliers who service LA’s top rated restaurants. Our ground turkey is grinded in our kitchen knowing exactly what is being put inside, turkey breast only. Our seafood is domestic, daily catch only. Rossana makes sure that her clients receive only the best and freshest ingredients available.

We work with LA’s leading physicians, nutritionists, university coaches, and fitness trainers, designing meals under their supervision and philosophy. Our Meal Service includes home or business delivery every other day. Each delivery includes individually prepared and packaged meals, labeled with the day of the week and the meal name (i.e. Monday-Lunch), three meals per day unless more or fewer are required. The meals only need to be refrigerated, warmed up and ready to be enjoyed! 

We offer a total wellness healthy meal service for those looking to maintain good health, improve their health, or for the busy schedule.

Chef Rosanna Radden: Discusses The Slow Food Movement