— Reviews —

They are a work of art.

“Rossana’s dishes are always fresh and beautifully arranged; they are a work of art. I would recommend her service to anyone who cares about eating healthy, nutritious meals; especially those of us who are too busy to cook for ourselves!”

— Diane N., Client

Highly recommend Rossana's services.

“Rossana Radden puts together the best tasting, healthy meals you can ask for. Rossana started cooking and delivering meals for my clients over 12 years ago and was in high demand in a very short time. If you are committed to a healthy food lifestyle, but don’t have the time to prepare meals that will keep you fit and healthy, I would highly recommend Rossana’s services. She takes the stress out of your nutrition plan and allows you to stay in the kind of shape you deserve.”

— Cathy Sassin, Director, Intrafitt

Great taste, health conscious. 

“Rossana has provided me with healthy, tasty foods over many years. She has also offered a valuable resource for many of my patients. The foods she provides taste great and can be very health conscious. Rossana has learned much about both food chemistry and body chemistry, and her knowledge continues to expand.”

— Dr. Tony Perrone, PHD, Clinical Nutrition